HAMBLEDEN - Gallopy Gallopy Gallopy


Hambleden, just a stones throw from

the River Thames to the west of


As you drive in as a spectator the

parking is to the right. To the left are

the main arenas, shops and food


This is not the biggest event on the

planet but does have some of the best

opportunities for great photos.


dressage and showjumping areas are

as you expect, it is the XC course

where this event stands out.


course runs through woods carpeted

with bluebells, with dabbled light from

the newly covered trees it can be quite


The only downside to this

event can be the weather. Early in the

season it can be subject to the rains at

that time of year.

The facilities are

good as one would expect. Food

outlets are gathered at the bottom of

the arenas.

Tips for this event, check

the weather and take a coat.