GATCOMBE - Gallopy Gallopy Gallopy


Gatcombe is home to the Princess

Royal, Princess Anne.

Also it is also the home to " The

Festable of British eventing".

Gatcombe runs twice a year so to maxi

the good running at either ends of the


There are a good varied amount of

shops to keep most people happy.

Facilities are good and well

maintained. A plentiful supply of food

outlets should keep hunger at bay.

Parking is a little walk from the main

areas so it can be a trek to take your

shopping back to the car before

heading out on XC.

The showjumping area has sits around

the top edge and there is plenty of

standing room for those who prefer to.

The dressage arenas are situated near

the XC start finish area.

XC, for this you are going to need

comfortable boots or shoes and a

healthy set of lungs.

There is no easier way to say this,

Gatcombe is hilly with a capital "H"!

The XC winds it way from one side of a

valley to the other and back again.

The idea of walking downhill might

sound easy but it can work muscles

that have not been used in a while, as

for the up hill, nuff said..

Truth be told I really like Gatcombe, it

runs some great competition and there

is plenty of opportunity for some

fantastic photography.