BLENHEIM - Gallopy Gallopy Gallopy


I have to say that this event

is one of my favourites.

Lots and lots going on all day.

Fantastic back drops and great

competitions Not as big as Burghley

but there is still a large quantity of

shops to visit.

Eateries are plentiful

and varied. Comfort facilities are clean

and well maintained.

Car parking is a

little way out if you do not book the

field car park. This is a little more

expensive but can save your feet after

a long day out and about. However

there is a shuttle bus service laid on if

you get to tired for those last few


With different levels of competition

going on all the time there is always

something to see.

With one side of the

showjumping arena open to the

general public there is no need to book

seats for the final phase of the

competition on the Sunday afternoon.

The different levels of competition

mean a constant use of the arena.


The start finish line are well away from

the main arenas so you might be

advised to start a course walk from

the middle so that you end your walk

near all the attractions.

The event

takes place in the middle of

September so the morning can be a

little chilly and over the last couple of

year an early morning fog has

enveloped the area.

Blenheim top tips.

Book the car park and save your feet.