BELTON - Gallopy Gallopy Gallopy

Belton horse trials.

My advice when visiting Belton would

be to take a warm coat. On both of my

visits the weather has played a major

part in the enjoyment of this event.

The venue is very well set out with the

dressage arenas set in the centre of

the shopping area, well ish.

The show Jumping set to to the back

of the tented village with good back

drops of the house available for


Shopping and eateries are of a good

standard and with plenty of choice.

Comfort facilities are good and well


The XC is a little set aside from the

busy areas with the start finish line

side by side.

Some of the more challenging jumps

are away from the crowds so it is well

worth walking the course to view


Parking is good and all very close the

the business part of this event.

To sum up, Belton is a great event and

a fantastic competition but take boots

and a good coat, just in case.